Residential Renovations

Any great design starts with a complete understanding of the homeowner’s space and lifestyle. We will sit down to plan and understand your needs and wants with your residential home renovation project. With a solid understanding of the space and how you or your family lives, we will come up with ideas on how to maximize the potential of your new design. Residential renovation projects can vary in scope and complexity, and we’ve reimagined the renovation process and developed a unique approach that centres on the client experience, and delivers an exceptional finished product. 

Cutting edge spatial and interior concepts based on carefully developed design principles, which are developed through end user and project stakeholder engagement. Early in the design process, we will go over costs to establish a budget you are comfortable with. We will target your budget throughout the design process and give you feedback and options to keep you within your budget as effectively as possible. If you are exceeding your budget, we will discuss it with you, to help you make informed design and construction decisions. Let us put our expertise to work for you, and show you how the Odera Team is shaping a new era of home renovations that is centered on integrity, clarity, and excellence.


The Odera Team is always open to meeting like-minded clients and partners that share our vision for design, quality workmanship, and transparency, towards building a better future!

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