We’re a mindful construction company that specializes in helping clients with the planning, design and construction of commercial and residential properties


What makes us different

We put our clients first

Our clients are given peace of mind with clear communication and expectations

We focus on inclusivity

Hiring and promoting people from all walks of life who share the same passion for building

We prioritize safety and best practices

High standards of safety and cleanliness for our employees, trade partners and clients


How We started

Odera Construction Group was founded by Selman Nasir, an industry professional with nearly two decades of experience in the high-end residential, commercial, and institutional construction industries.

Selman spent nearly two decades working at top construction management and design firms throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Over time, Selman began to realize the industry was plagued with issues that were costing clients opportunities, and leading to undesirable project outcomes. Minorities and people of colour were poorly represented in both leadership and front-line positions. Projects and client relationships were poorly handled with schedules and budgets often taking the toll. Project Managers lacked attention to detail and a design-driven approach was largely absent. It increasingly became clear that there was a gap in the market for a company to solve these problems.

Our leadership sought to initiate a change in an industry that’s been largely resistant to progressive and meaningful innovation. He founded Odera Construction Group to tackle the issues of tech-driven processes, representation, client relationships and design. Odera has had the pleasure of working with clients and partners who share our vision for exceptional design, development and meticulous construction management.

The latest at ODERA


The Odera Team is always open to meeting like-minded clients and partners that share our vision for design, quality workmanship, and transparency, towards building a better future!

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