How Much Does a Full House Renovation Cost? A Closer Look at Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto

February 16, 2023

If you're considering a full house renovation in Oakville, Mississauga or Toronto, the first question you are likely asking yourself is “how much does a full house renovation cost?” 

It’s probably no surprise that the answer is going to be "it depends.” But don’t be disappointed. In this blog, we’ll go into the answer further by exploring the five key questions to ask in a full home renovation process: 

1. What is considered a full-home renovation?

2.What are the steps involved in starting a full house renovation?

3. What are the factors that influence cost?

4. What is the average cost of a full-home renovation in the Greater Toronto Area?

5. Is it more economical to renovate my home in stages, or all at the same time?

Whether you're planning a full gut renovation or some much-needed cosmetic updates, read on to find out what you can expect to pay for your home renovation. 

What is Considered to be a Full House Renovation?

A full house renovation is a complete makeover of the interior or exterior of a house. This typically includes updating structural elements and modifying the interior layout, exterior facade work and altering of openings for windows and doors, as well as cosmetic changes like painting, flooring updates, electrical and plumbing repairs, and cabinetry updates. Full-house renovations are often undertaken to increase the livability, comfort, efficiency, or style of a home. It offers homeowners an opportunity to modernize and customize their existing living space without moving to another property, or building a custom home. With a full-house renovation, homeowners can easily transform their existing home, while increasing the functionality of their existing space and adding value to their home at the same time.

A full-gut renovation will take a full home renovation one step further: it requires gutting the entire house down to the framing of the house. It includes demolishing the walls, removing all of the interior doors, trim, cabinetry, fixtures to essentially expose the bones of the home. Full-gut renovations, as well as full-home renovations, will often include replacing windows and exterior doors, replacing the roof, and most or all of the home’s plumbing and electrical. By gutting out the existing materials, you can essentially remodel the entire home.

What are the Steps to Starting a Full House Renovation?

There are at least three important steps required to starting a full house renovation.

Step 1: Clearly define the scope of your renovation project

This should involve creating a list of your desired upgrades, ideal aesthetics for your living spaces, and finishes you’d love to see. You will also want to assess your current home renovation budget, and plan for any time constraints. 

It is at this early stage that you will likely want to start reaching out to two types of industry professionals: an interior designer and a general contractor.

Unless you have a very clear idea and vision for your renovations, engaging the services of a registered interior designer will help you maximize your space and get the most of your full house renovation. A general contractor will then execute on your vision, while advising on the pricing and practicality of the design. Both of these professionals will help you define the scope of your project, finalize your budget and put pen to paper on all of the important details.

Step 2: Obtaining building permits 

The next step is obtaining the necessary and required building permits, which are needed for any structural renovation changes (for more details on building permits, check out our previous blog post on them here. Once the required permits have been issued, then your renovations can begin! 

As the construction process continues, the homeowner is responsible for ensuring that all building codes and regulations are complied with before calling the municipality for a final inspection. If you have hired a reputable and experienced contractor, they will take care of this for you along the way, so that there are no surprises and everything in your renovation project is built to code, and to the highest standards. 

Step 3: Ensure the renovations are harmonious 

You have the scope defined and the permits secured, but you will want to make sure that, aesthetically, the interior and exterior updates are well-suited to one another and that the renovations will work harmoniously. Once again, your general contractor (as well as your interior designer) will help you to ensure that the end result of your renovations will be cohesive. After all, you would not want to select a flooring material that won’t be durable for the application,  or a style of fixtures that contrasts against your style cabinetry. These details definitely matter, and will make all the difference in the final results of your home renovation project!

Although it may seem overwhelming, renovating your entire house can actually be an enjoyable and exciting experience – when you hire the right professionals, of course. 

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Full House Renovation?

The cost of a full house renovation depends on a variety of factors. The size of your home, scope of work, and the existing condition of your home will play an important part in the cost of your renovations. Other factors that may influence pricing include the type of project being undertaken, the number of tradespeople required to execute the project, and the desired materials and finishes. Local labour costs, and contingencies for unexpected issues that could arise, should also be factored into calculations to ensure an accurate overall estimate for your project. 

The cost of a full-home renovation might be daunting. But it is important to factor in the value that a successful and high-quality renovation will result in, which will often significantly outweigh the upfront costs. Home renovations can add substantial value to a property, both economically and aesthetically. They can also help to avoid costly repairs and issues with your home in the future, while increasing the livability and functionality of your existing space in the meantime, 

How Much does a Full House Renovation Cost in Oakville, Mississauga or Toronto?

Considering Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto specifically, the cost of a full-house renovation varies significantly depending on if you are just doing cosmetic changes or if you are starting from scratch with a complete gut renovation. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend at least $100 - $300 per square foot for a full home renovation, depending on the state of the home, the scope of work involved, and the level of finishes you would like. On average, a full-house renovation can range between $150,000- $500,000 per project. 

That being said, you should take the time to consult with an experienced and reputable general contractor, who can provide you with a more specific estimate based on your exact home renovation needs. At Odera Construction, we are happy to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to help you assess your specific budget and project requirements. 

Is It More Economical To Renovate My Home In Stages, or All At The Same Time?

This is a great question, and one we get from our clients all the time. As a general principle, if you’re planning and budgeting to renovate your whole home, it makes the most sense to do it all together at the same time for three main reasons:

1. Convenience and comfort: There is no way around the fact that it is inconvenient to have construction ongoing in your home, and renovating in stages will essentially prolong the duration of your project. 

2. Save money: You will certainly save on costs by renovating your home all at the same time, simply because of the economies of scale. Your general contractor will be able to get a larger discount for materials purchased in bulk, and the cost of specialized trades will be reduced because there will be less mobilization costs required to bring trades back to the site over and over, and the work can be executed concurrently. 

3Efficiency: Having the required trades stay on site to complete all of the work at one time will very likely result in the project being completed more efficiently, thus reducing the duration of the entire renovation project had you opted to complete it in phases.

Of course, in certain situations it might make sense to renovate your home in stages. Budget considerations are often an important factor, but the nature of the work you intend to undertake could also play a role in this decision, and it would be important to consult your general contractor in making this decision.


In summary, the cost of a full house renovation will depend on the size and scope of the project, as well as other factors such as location, labor costs and desired finishes. Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere between $150,000 - $500,000 per project in Oakville, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. However, it is important to consult with a professional contractor to get an exact estimate for your specific home renovation needs. Perhaps your renovation doesn’t require any structural or layout changes, or any exterior facade upgrades? Or perhaps you’d like to add the 2nd floor addition you’ve always dreamed of, or build out an extension for your kitchen, or add a walkout to your basement? Ultimately, alll of these factors will influence the final cost of a full-house renovation.

By investing the time to plan carefully, and to hire the right industry professionals, you can ensure that your full-house renovation is completed successfully, on-schedule, and within your budget.

Rest assured, Odera Construction is a highly-qualified and professional general contractor that is prepared to assist you bring your home renovation to life. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, Contact Us today. We would be happy to chat to learn more about your project, and to share our expertise with you. You can also check out the resource pages below for more information on our services.

Thanks for reading!

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