Founder's letter

August 19, 2020

Construction is everywhere. It’s the new townhouse complex being built down the street from you. It’s the road work you pass on your way to work, and the almost-completed hospital that you see on your way home. But when you have a construction project of your own at hand, finding a competent contractor, that can be trusted with projects of this scale, who communicates effectively, and is pleasant to work with, now that seems to be an issue as ubiquitous as construction itself. And that’s the issue we’ve resolved to tackle at Odera. 

At Odera, we believe construction is about creating beautiful, functional, and meaningful spaces – renovating the old and building the new. And it is about creating a novel way of achieving that goal, and making that process as pleasant and as frictionless as possible.

Odera Construction Group is a mindful construction company that has three key priorities. First, we sweat the small stuff. We pay attention to the details that make the construction process smooth and the final product exceptional. Second, clear and transparent communication matters. We want our clients, tradespeople and employees to be on the same page and to have their questions answered clearly and promptly. Third, inclusivity is non-negotiable. Every person on our construction sites regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, seniority or experience level must feel welcome, respected, and heard.  

I have been fortunate to learn about construction from the very bottom up. I started my career in this industry as a general labourer on the floor of a millwork shop. I have worked as a Project Coordinator drafting blueprints and drawings with architects. I’ve participated in and presented at meetings at city and town halls across the Greater Toronto Area dealing with permits and rezoning requests as a Planning Technician. I have supervised and managed multi-million-dollar custom homes, and high-end commercial projects across the province as a Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and Director. 

From all of these vantage points, I saw the same problems plaguing the construction industry. I founded Odera as a response. I want clients to have a better option and to have hope that they can work with a General Contractor and Builder who will not only meet their expectations, but will far exceed them. We want to be at the forefront of building a construction industry that prioritizes excellence, clarity, and inclusivity.

Our company is ultimately about people. It is about our clients, their projects and their hopes for the spaces that they have trusted us with. It is about our employees, who excel when they are respected and valued. It is about our tradespeople, who are of the highest calibre and are exceptionally skilled. And we believe these principles are what set Odera above the rest. 

We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, and to bring life and excellence to your project.


The Odera Team is always open to meeting like-minded clients and partners that share our vision for design, quality workmanship, and transparency, towards building a better future!

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